The Original Back Hair Shaver

$29.95 $59.99

Make yourself proud with a clean shaven back you can show off anywhere. Nothing is quicker, safer or smoother.

Our unique blade cartridges are specifically designed to give you the cleanest, closest AND safest shave on the market.


Easily Shave Your Back Hair All On Your Own!

  • Curved For Your Reach - The S-shaped curve allows your to reach all the areas you need to on your back and whole body without help.
  • Smooth, Painless Shave - The special blade design won't hurt your skin, but it will reach every area and eliminate the hair with its wide blade.
  • Suitable For Wet And Dry Use - This rustless blade can be used with and without water. 
  • Replace The Blade When You Want - It's easy to remove and change out the blade!
  • Size - Approx. 15" x 4"